Black & White Moments

544A2803 544A3266544A3262 544A3292 DSC01994 544A3456 544A3462We had the pleasure of shooting our friend’s wedding, which was an intimate gathering with family and friends held at Helen’s Hill Estate.

Our aim was to capture natural moments of their special day for them to cherish forever. It was a typical day in Melbourne, with the day forecast for 31 degrees. The morning suggested a mostly overcast day with no rain, but alas there was light rain late morning much to our dismay (you didn’t predict that weather man!). It was light and subsided by the afternoon with the mercury rising to 31 degrees (yes weather man, you were partly right!). The afternoon heat was sweltering with the sun beating down on everyone as we shot some of the best photos of the day (stay tuned for the next post).

It was a beautiful wedding ceremony held at Helen’s Hill Estate with family and friends present as witness to the union of the beautiful couple. The reception followed with good food and wine, hilarious and emotional speeches, polaroids, photobooth, wedding games and music and dancing all through the night!

Congratulations Benson and Kat on your new life together. We wish you all the happiness in the world and hope our photos captured ‘your moments’.

Love Birdekko xx

If anyone is interested in our wedding photography, please comment below or enquire at

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