My Pregnancy

So I have been officially MIA for quite some time now as I was pregnant. This meant fewer blog posts, mostly due to the fact that I had a difficult time dealing with my changing body and always feeling whale like!!! But hopefully I can get back into my groove now that I’ve settled into things, so without further ado, where should I begin?

My pregnancy story begins after what seemed liked a whirlwind weekend at the snow in July 2015, with fabulous food and company and a gorgeous engagement ring presented to me at the top of Mount Hotham!  The year couldn’t really get much better! Or could it?



After trying for half a year to fall pregnant, when my period was late (sorry TMI!) I was nervously hopeful. We used a cheap pregnancy test kit which gave a very faint positive reading and my fiancé wasn’t convinced and asked me to retest in a couple of days. For a more accurate reading I bought the Clearblue digital test a few days later and it came up with the reading that confirmed ‘pregnant, 2 weeks’! Hooray!

After blood tests and an initial ultrasound confirmed that the pregnancy was progressing well, we shared our joyous news with our parents at 11 weeks at a celebratory birthday dinner for our mums. We presented them with little gift boxes that contained an odd pair of mittens clipped together with a heart peg (to signify the coming together of our families) and a little tag with “congratulations, you’re going to be a grandma!”. There was screaming at the restaurant, tears and plenty of hugs!



The first 12 weeks were exhausting.

I was always tired and would find myself napping in my car at lunchtimes, coming home from work and napping on the couch and napping throughout the weekend. Clearly it takes a lot of energy to grow a baby! I remember thinking to myself ‘I hope I don’t feel like this throughout the entire pregnancy!’


I was extremely lucky and only had very mild morning sickness. There was no vomiting involved and no smells that set me off but I know many that have experienced the worst morning sickness stories I have ever heard. Boy, was I grateful!

There were no strange cravings like jars of pickles or packets upon packets of mac and cheese; just french fries, salty foods and burgers. I was never really a big fan of burgers previously but I craved them often during my pregnancy. I was quite a big fan of kebabs previously but during my pregnancy I was completely put off by them.  Even now post pregnancy I’m still keen on burgers and have an aversion to kebabs – I’m hoping this is temporary and my taste buds will realign themselves again!

I’ve also never been a fan of sweet marinades so during pregnancy these were a definite no-no!

Pregnancy made me forever hungry and my appetite increased pretty significantly. People were always telling me “it’s okay, you’re eating for two” but technically you’re only supposed to increase your intake by about 500 kjs a day (which is equivalent to about half a cup of yoghurt with some berries or half a muesli bar). My fiancé was often saying to me “I think you should stop now” and telling people “she eats more than me!” and he’s a big unit. And I suppose I should be thankful – he was just doing what I told him at the beginning – please don’t let me put on too much weight when I’m pregnant! My OB said to aim for 12kg but I think by 38 weeks I was about 15-16kg heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight.

OK, so when you’re pregnant, sometimes you get really emotional. There was one night in particular as we crawled into bed, I felt my tummy grumble. Baby and I were hungry – okay, okay, so I was hungry! I craved something salty like some Salada crackers but I knew my fiancé had eaten them all. I climbed down the stairs from our loft and hunted around for non-existent crackers and only found a small packet of wasabi peas. After climbing back to bed clearly deflated, I opened my sad packet of peas and started to cry. I was so upset that there were no crackers cos I wanted them SO BADLY! My fiancé did offer to go to McDonalds to buy me some fries but I felt bad, (in hindsight I should have milked it for all it’s worth!).


The second trimester was the most enjoyable for me. Your energy levels go back to normal and you no longer have to take naps at all hours of the day. It’s also usually the time you get to share the news with family, friends and colleagues. There’s excitement in the air as  you start to shop for baby clothes, prams and cots – then you start to realise how expensive baby things are! There’s also so many products out there that are unnecessary and a bit of a ploy for new parents.


The third trimester was the most difficult. My fiancé was travelling overseas for his first boys trip so I decided I should go on my last holiday overseas while I was still able! With the all clear to go from my OB, I travelled to Taiwan and Hong Kong at 27 weeks for just 11 days. I did lots of walking and sightseeing in Taiwan and felt pretty good despite sore feet from walking too much. I thought there would be no shopping to do and nothing to buy, but much to my delight, I found some great maternity wear at H&M in Taiwan. I also ate to my heart’s content…and when you’re pregnant you sure can eat a lot!

After 30 weeks things got pretty whale like. You begin to waddle like a penguin, your belly is enormous and you can’t see your toes. You get way more clumsy and constantly drop things on the floor only to find that you can’t pick them up again and you can no longer tie your shoelaces. You are also likely to back your car into another parked car. Oops.


I know that genetics plays a huge part in stretch marks –  my mother has them so it was highly likely I would get them to but I was still determined to do everything in my power to try and prevent them. I was extremely diligent and moisturised day, night and after showers rotating between the following products.

Moogoo Mudder Udder Cream

Burts Bees Mama Belly Cream

Mustela Stretch Mark Cream

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Rosehip Oil

Everything was going so well and there were no stretch marks in sight. That is, up until the 30 week mark. I woke up one morning and noticed some dark purple marks on my side. Then a few mornings later I noticed some small marks on the underside of my belly. From there on in they just got progressively worse and even after giving birth, more and more marks appeared. 3 months postpartum and I’m still finding it hard to accept the stretch marks as they are – a sign of growing life and growing love. Safe to say that the bikinis will be stored in the back corner of my cupboard for a little while now.

At about 36 weeks I was over feeling pregnant. I just wanted baby outta there! The weather was hot, I found it difficult to do simple things like get off the couch, put shoes on, clothes were barely fitting, my feet kept swelling and I was sick of bumping into things on a daily basis! My fiancé and I had a feeling that the baby was going to come early – my parents were overseas at the time and we told them they were going to miss the birth, and they did.

At 38 weeks my body was feeling different and I just had a funny feeling. That evening my hind waters broke.


The best things about being pregnant are:

  • your hair hardly falls out so you don’t find it everywhere in everything
  • when the baby starts kicking and your fiancé gets kicked in the face while he’s trying to listen to it
  • you can eat A LOT more fries and junk food and dessert
  • the baby gets hiccups at least once a day, everyday and makes you feel all fuzzy on the inside
  • learning about how incredible a woman’s body is and how capable it is of growing another human being

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