Cherry Blossom Dot

DSC00821 DSC01037 DSC00936 DSC00981DSC00982-2DSC00879 DSC01091 DSC01105 DSC01102DSC00983-2One of my FAVOURITE things to do in Winter (besides curling up on the couch with a book and the softest bear-like dressing gown and blankie) is going to the snow!

I’ve been to the snow almost every year since I was a child, strutting around proudly in my one piece suit and showing off with awesome snow ploughs. Once I had mastered the art of skiing (not tumbling down the mountain) I moved onto what other the cool people did – snowboarding. There’s much debate over whether skiing or snowboarding is harder to learn but in my opinion (IMO) I found snowboarding much harder. It’s safe to say that I have spent a great deal of time nursing bruised knees and a sore behind and lots of snow down my pants. But never fear, practice makes perfect!

I would still label myself very much an amature but once you get the hang of it and can make a few rounds down the slopes without tumbling all the way down, it really is SO much fun!

When you have to concentrate on coordination and balance, comfortable clothes is a no-brainer.

Outfit: a new moo cow beanie, my trusty pair of Smith goggles, some Betty Ride pants, turtle fur, my favourite Bassike Cherry Blossom Dot  t-shirt (similar here), Helly Hansen jacket and Vans double Boa snowboard boots

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