Ma Wan: Part 1

DSC07519 DSC07622 DSC07536 DSC07621 DSC07556 DSC07635 DSC07619 DSC07633 DSC07618 DSC07630 DSC07629 DSC07623DSC07571 DSC07611 DSC07616 DSC07610 DSC07609 DSC07593 DSC07567DSC07587DSC07620DSC07564 DSC07565

Situated in Hong Kong between Tsing Yi and Lantau Island is Ma Wan.

All that remains of Ma Wan now is an abandoned village. It is a ghost town compared to the bustling streets that we’re used to.

Residents of this little fishing village were evicted in 2011 by the government due to property development. These residents left unwillingly, leaving most of their furniture behind.

There were many interesting things to photograph here and we jammed packed our memory card full, hence part 1. If you ever travel to Hong Kong, this is definitely one place on your must-see list.

Anybody spot the guitarist playing on the roof?

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