Ma Wan: Part 2

DSC07636 DSC07646 DSC07651 DSC07663 DSC07669 DSC07671 DSC07674 DSC07676 DSC07684 DSC07682 DSC07701 DSC07703 DSC07705 DSC07716 DSC07708 DSC07727 DSC07763 DSC07761 DSC07764 DSC07769 DSC07774 DSC07778 DSC07782 DSC07794 DSC07798 DSC07804 DSC07817 DSC07819 DSC07824 DSC07832-2 DSC07838 DSC07849 DSC07850 DSC07856 DSC07858 DSC07861 DSC07867 DSC07869 DSC07891 DSC07896 DSC07906 DSC07914 DSC07917-2 DSC07932 DSC07935 DSC07922-2 DSC07937 DSC07939DSC07919-2 DSC07944DSC07964DSC07951

Ma Wan can only be described as an eerily beautiful.

 We only managed to explore one side of the island so I can’t wait to get back there and wander through the other half.


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