White Night

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White Night is a celebration of art, music, food, and design which personify the culture of Melbourne. Parts of Melbourne CBD were transformed into a wonderland filled with intriguing light and art displays.

Everywhere you looked there were seas of people (not for the claustrophobic or demophobic) and everyone had to hold hands for fear of getting lost. I thought that Hong Kong was busy and congested with people but this was something entirely different.

Overall, a pretty interesting experience! I think one white night is enough to last me a lifetime!

7 thoughts on “White Night

  1. I thought the Melbourne White Night was horrendous (simply too many people in too small a space)

    We had the fortune to also catch the Sydney Vivid Festival (which is essentially the same premise), but what they did do better was run it over a whole week (or it may have even been weeks).

    My understanding is that is also the future of White Night, so hopefully the experience will improve!

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