Flashback to some old photos from Australia Day weekend in Camperdown with new friends, good food and full facilities – in other words, glamping. The campsite we stayed at provided toilets, hot showers, kitchen facilities as well as a playground for the kids.

We weren’t so glamorous as to hire cabins so in the dead of the night while most people were fast asleep, we set up our tent as the rain began to fall. It was the first time we were using our hiking tent which is supposed to be a 2 man but is really only the width of a single bed. Perfect for hiking but not so great for camping but perhaps it would last longer than our previous tent that tore and leaked overnight. (Note to self, don’t but the el-cheapo tents!)

The weather was not as hot as we had hoped – one minute you have your jacket on because it’s too cold, next you’re taking it off because it’s too warm – the weather gods were having fun and games with us. Some of the more enthusiastic ones did a mountain bike ride, while others went fishing and kayaking or lounged in camping chairs while the clouds set in.

DSC03678DSC03723 DSC03690DSC03672 DSC03675 DSC03716 DSC03725 DSC03736 DSC03739 DSC03742 DSC03751 DSC03752 DSC03754 DSC03760 DSC03762 DSC03763 DSC03768 DSC03772 DSC03774 DSC03786DSC03779 DSC03787

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