Grampians Photo Diary

When you spot wild kangaroos and emus near your campground you know you’re officially in the outback. The curious roos like to wander through the campsite at night, scavenge for food and tear up rubbish bags you’ve left out. They are pretty unique creatures, in that their arms are super short (proper t-rex style) and their tails act as a third leg so they can use their feet to kick one another. A lot of the larger male roos bulk up their arms to attract the females during mating season.

The roos occasionally wander up to tents and cast huge shadows from the outside, which can be quite intimidating. Also they leave rather devastating dents in your car if you accidentally run into one (no roos were harmed during our trip).

DSC04727 DSC04733 DSC04732 DSC04736 DSC04729 DSC04747 DSC04798 DSC04781 DSC04796 DSC04759 DSC04863DSC04817-3 DSC04876 DSC04840DSC04816-3DSC04826 DSC04929 DSC04823 DSC04926

Although our time there was short, I will venture there again in the warmer months for more adventure. At least I can finally say I’ve been and explored The Grampians, a beautiful piece of Victoria and one of nature’s treasures.

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