Tsukiji Fish Market

Unless you’re waking up at ungodly hours of the morning to watch the tuna auctions or an avid foodie waiting for the sushi restaurant, Tsukiji Fish Market is really not for you. Well known as a popular Tokyo attraction, there are signs upon entry that it isn’t really a place for tourists. The wholesale section (only open to tourists after 9:00AM) is an extremely busy area with workers bustling around trying to get things done and you often get the vibe that you’re not really wanted around or generally just in the way. And fair enough – it’s a workplace and wasn’t made as a tourist attraction.

However, if you’re super determined like us, after all, we are explorers – you’ll pack light, dress warm and be alert to ensure you’re not in anyone’s way. They sell lots of interesting seafood, some of which I’ve never tried myself and I’m not sure I’m ready for it quite just yet. Surely my parents are shaking their heads in dismay at the thought of my un-asianness.

Feel free to explore the outer market with rows of little shops featuring an assortment of interesting knives, souvenirs and gumboots (not Hunters) and restaurants that serve sushi, curry, ramen and soba.

DSC03592 DSC03594 DSC03597 DSC03598 DSC03600 DSC03619 DSC03603 DSC03613 DSC03618

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