Hike 1.0

So, Valentine’s Day. We’ve done the fancy restaurant where they charge exorbitant fees for some set menu – and we’re kinda of over that. Last year was dinner at home on the couch with a fantastic piece of wagyu. This year, we decided to go hiking.

It kind of takes me back to my first year’s of high school when we did some hiking as part of camp. Trekking through the bush with backpacks the size of ourselves, making damper (Aussie bread that you wrap around a stick and cook on a fire) and flicking giant horrifying spiders off our tent while we were still inside. My dear friend will never forget that spider incident – we were petrified at the time but laugh about it now!

 After a 2 day hike and 25km later (including 5km worth of backtracking) it’s safe to say I was relieved when it all ended. More fun adventures to come!

DSC03819 DSC03818 DSC03810 DSC03844 DSC03861 DSC03849 DSC03885 DSC03882 DSC03894 DSC03900 DSC03869DSC03911

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