Fushimi Inari Shrine

The Fushimi Inari Shrine found in Kyoto is famously known for its thousands of torii gates lining the mountain trails leading into the forest of Mount Inari.  From afar, the vermilion gates stand out and remind me brightly coloured dominoes. The gates vary in size and are sometimes more densely packed along some areas than others and are donated by individuals and companies with their names and date donated inscribed on the back.
DSC00002 (5)

For a small fee you can receive a Omikuji, which are randomly drawn fortune telling paper slips. They usually come folded or rolled up – once you’ve unraveled your (hopefully) good fortune or sometimes very bad fortune, you tie it to the metal gates near the shrine. If your fortune happens to be fantastic or very lucky, apparently you should keep it!

DSC00004 (3) DSC02697 DSC02702 DSC02707 DSC00015 (2) DSC00012 (2)Along the trail there was another path taking you uphill to a small shrine before turning into a bamboo forest. We would recommend this bamboo forest over the bustling Sagano Bamboo forest as we found this much more peaceful, serene and beautiful.

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