Todaiji Temple

Situated in Nara Park is one of Japan’s most historic and well known landmarks, Todaiji Temple.

It is known for being the largest wooden building in the world and is home to the biggest bronze Buddha in Japan. The main entrance to the temple is through the Nandaimon gate, a wooden gate featuring two of the largest carved wooden statues I’ve ever seen! They represent the Nio Guardian Kings that each stand at over 8 metres tall. There is a high influx of tourists here and you have to pay a small fee to visit the Todaiji Temple but completely worth it.

DSC02470 The Nandaimon Gate

DSC00017The Nio Guardian King’s foot (pity they are behind chicken wire)

DSC02488The sun was out but the wind was bitey and yes, that white stuff is snow.

DSC00023 The amazing wooden architecture

DSC00022The bronze octagonal lantern that dates back to the 8th century

DSC00021 DSC02496 The bronze buddha (Daibutsu)

DSC02513 DSC02506 DSC02498

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