Hanging Rock

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

I hope that you’ve all had a lovely festive season and stuffed yourselves full of food, drink, joy, laughter and delectable desserts.

2015 will be an exciting year with the below goodies planned:

– More blogging – yes lovely people, I am aiming to blog MORE!

– I’ve also been a bit slack with working out and need to get back into a good routine to become fitter and healthier.

– Melbourne is full of amazing eateries with endless cafes and restaurants which I have made a list of and am working my way through!

– I’m hoping to fit some travel in this year to some exciting locations, possibly on a jetplane but maybe not – we’ll see how things pan out.

– And of course there will be more outfits this year. More shoes to add to my collection, more clothes to squeeze into my already full wardrobe and more accessories to add a finishing touch. My better half is shaking his head in horror right now!

So to kick off the New Year please enjoy the view from Hanging Rock in Victoria.

Let me know what exciting things you plan for 2015.

 DSC02306 DSC02302-2 DSC02300 DSC02244 DSC02294-2 DSC02246 DSC02265 DSC02254 DSC02273 DSC02271

Outfit: Dress by Seed, Belt and stacking ring from random Hong Kong boutiques, watch by Pebble, Tiffany & Co bracelet and ring

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