DSC00119 DSC00125 DSC00156 DSC00178 DSC00164 DSC00212-2 DSC00215 DSC00222-2So I’ve been what some would describe as MIA, with crazy work schedules and most recently my computer’s hard drive decided to head to an early grave. With all my editing programs and photos saved on my most dearest, it’ll be a little while before I’m up and running again. Follow me on instagram @birdekko for more regular updates.

Back at the abandoned village in Ma Wan, Hong Kong, we found more interesting objects to photograph. It’s bitter sweet to think that there were once people, families, laughter and food shared here before the government forced them from their homes. Now, all that remains are decayed buildings, rotting trolleys and lone chairs in ghostly spaces. Silent, eerie and beautiful.

Silence allows us to be still and be aware. Beauty is everywhere, in places unexpected, in many different forms. It’s not often that we take the time to stop, be silent and take in that moment of beauty. But we should. It keeps us grounded, humble and thankful.

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