Champions Bistro

DSC00565 DSC00572 DSC00580 DSC00052 DSC00600DSC00601DSC00054 DSC00609 DSC00611 DSC00618DSC00069Tucked away in Melbourne’s suburbia in a location unbeknownst to many, is this golden gem.

Champions Bistro.

Serving a 10 course degustation menu at a price incomparable to others it’s a definite must-try. Run by ex-Vue De Monde team, head chef Clint McIver, dessert king Charlie Carrington and the very lovely host Aline Rolim.and Masa the sommelier.

We did a triple date that evening and were all thoroughly impressed with the food, service and affordable price. The attention to detail was immaculate – in presentation and in cooking processes.

Photos:     1/ Puffed barramundi skin with native lemon and pepper     2/ Devilled egg and Crispy milk oyster cream     3/ Pikelet, lamb belly, macadamia     4/ Ocean king prawn, carrot, pomelo, chamomile yogurt, wild fennel     5/ Spanish mackerel, sauce of wallaby tail, cabbages     6/ Freshly baked steaming bread     7/ Freshly baked steaming bread with butter     8/Paroo kangaroo, beetroot juice, native fruits and red mustard     9/ Toasted cheese sandwich     10/ Mandarin, smoked milk, rice custard, ginger beer granita, popping candy    11/ Iced Vovo

 The standout dishes of the evening were:

The devilled egg which can only be described as a delectable moreish savoury macaron (I honestly could have had a plateful)

The spanish mackerel, surprisingly, as I’m not really much of a fish fan with an amazing wallaby tail sauce that had been cooked for hours

The freshly baked sourdough bread which, as you tore open, steamed and released a mouthwatering aroma, the same kind of aroma as when you walk past the bakery first thing in the morning or past Mrs. Fields, mmmm!

The toasted cheese sandwich which was different from what we all expected – delice de bourgogne, a type of fine French cheese which tastes like a cross between a brie and blue cheese, shallots cooked in pear juice sandwiched between 2 cardamom crisps

The shaved iced with mandarin, smoked milk, rice custard, ginger beer granita and popping candy – this was a refreshing palette cleanser with surprising bits of popping candy. The process of smoking the milk was incredible, using specialty charcoal sourced from Japan at $400 per/kg to produce just the right flavour

Last but not least was the iced Vovo with poached meringue sitting on top of jam, coconut ice cream on top, freeze dried raspberries and other delicious ingredients I can’t remember because I was too excited to eat it!

3 thoughts on “Champions Bistro

    • Sorry, not sure why it’s taking so long for the photos to load – I’ve checked it on a few different computers and it seems fine?
      I’ve also changed the descriptions so I hope it all makes sense now!
      Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂 xx

      • They loaded fine this time around! But I’ve been having lots of issues with WordPress lately :/
        Yeah, they definitely make more sense now! I figured it out myself 1st time round but it’s nicer nothaving to do it 😉

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