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I’ve never been to Hong Kong in the Summer and boy, was it a big shock! Sweltering temperatures and humidity so sticky it brought back memories of Malaysia. Imagine yourself in a place where you don’t have to move but constantly sweat. Where makeup runs and you are forever using tissues to wipe the perspiration dripping down your face. Yes, like a sauna. Exactly like a sauna.

We were seasoned explorers this time and therefore much more adventurous, climbing buildings and rooftops to find the perfect backdrop. Thongs are not deemed appropriate footwear when climbing rooftops, so after ditching mine I precariously balanced on the ridge of a two storey roof determined not to fall and break a limb or four.

It was a rushed few days catching up with the relatives, squeezing in a spot of shopping and spending quality time with the family. For some, family get-togethers are a rare occasion so when they happen they are truly the most treasured moments and the ones that count most.

The highlight of my trip was being stuck in torrential downpour, knee deep in puddles with soaked under garments and sharing a jacket for shelter as we made our way back to the station, solemnly swearing not to get lost on the way back to the hotel.

I didn’t get lost, but someone did.

3 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. hahahah that rain came from nowhere……and i blame T for making us take 30 mins to find our hotel when it was literally less than 1 minute from where we started 😛 Photos are mint xx

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