Meiji Shrine

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The Meiji Shrine is located just a short walk from Harajuku station. You can’t miss the mighty torii (shrine archway) that leads to the main shrine buildings. The paths are teeming with locals going to pay their respects and curious foreigners. Along the paths are wine and sake barrels to signify offerings to the Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken whose souls are enshrined at the Meiji Shrine.

Before entering the main shrine buildings the locals purify themselves by washing their hands and mouth at the temizuya.

When we visited the Meiji Shrine we were lucky enough to witness some weddings. One couple were dressed in their traditional attire and posing for our camera and the other was a more traditional Shinto wedding procession.  It was a gorgeous sight to see, especially on a freezing cold overcast day.

Found near the main shrine is the sacred camphor tree surrounded by little wooden tablets, which people write their wishes on.

Japan is a serene and beautiful place, full of history and rich in culture.

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