Beef Bar

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When in Tokyo, going to a BBQ beef bar is a must, especially in Winter.

We were just wandering the streets, when the window of delicious looking cuts of meat came into view, marbled and mouthwatering. Situated in Shibuya, this small beef bar named Han No Daidokoro was bustling with people. The service was really good, with one particular waitress who spoke decent English which helped a lot considering our lack of Japanese.

First things first is the bib. Once the bib was on, we decided to order the set menu which came with a drink of your choice (alcoholic or not), beef tataki, 7 different cuts of BBQ meat, some salad and desert.

The aroma of the beef cooking on other BBQs was making me salivate like a baby teething and I was so damn excited! Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Tender, thinly sliced marbled pieces of meat that melt in your mouth like butter.  The taste can only be described as amazing, delicious and seriously awesome!

The other highlight of the night was the dessert, whichwas ice cream. We spent the rest of the evening trying to figure out what flavour it was, as it was a distinctive taste but we just couldn’t put our finger on it. Turns out it was the Head Chef made it from scratch: marscapone ice cream.  (Sorry, I ate it all before I realised I should’ve taken a photo!)

We enjoyed Han No Daidokoro so much we went back again for dinner before we left Tokyo.

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