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One of the busiest cities in the world is none other than Hong Kong – home to over 7 million people. The first time I ever visited Hong Kong I was completely overwhelmed by the number of people. I was just another short little Asian girl lost in the crowd – why do we all look the same, right? However, despite the crowds and the loud nature of Asian people (guilty as charged), I fell completely in love with the food and the shopping.

During my first visit to Hong Kong I made the mistake of taking half a suitcase full of clothes there, which meant overweight luggage on the way back and stuffing my boy’s luggage with my clothes as well, which by the way, he will never let me live down. I also made the mistake of buying Hong Kong style clothes which I did wear there and for the most part blended in, but brought them back to Australia only to realise that I will never wear them again.

Lesson half learned. During this trip I brought less with me, shopped wiser, had overweight luggage on the way home and still stuffed my boy’s luggage with my clothes.

While the rest of Hong Kong were rugged up in their North Face jackets, I was an odd mix of silk, fur, shorts, duffle coat and gumboots on a 20 degree day.

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