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 When people think of the Aussie outback they think dry, hot and sandy coloured  land with kangaroos and koalas. Who knew that it could be so green right?

To be fair, this lush tropical forest was probably only green due to recent flooding with semi-filled billabongs and muddy banks.

We stopped to look for turtles in the billabong when we came across these little green things. They were growing abundantly right next to the billabong and looked so soft and fluffy. A large patch of these in an area were flattened and it sparked my curiosity. Was it wild animals that had come and made their bed there for a night? Or maybe it was humans who decided to have a relaxing afternoon nap? Or maybe it was a dog that wanted to roll around in it for fun? Why do dogs like to do that so much?

But worse, what if it wasn’t  soft and fluffy at all? What if it was hard and prickly like a 5 o’clock shadow and itchy? Ok, so I had to touch it to see if it was in fact as soft and fluffy as it looked, and it surely was!

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