DSC05537-2 DSC05545 DSC05544-2 DSC05539-2 DSC05543-2 DSC05546-3 DSC05542-2 DSC05547-2 DSC05548-2It’s been a crazy hot Summer in Melbourne with day after day of 40 degrees heat, fans that don’t cool you while you sleep, ice cold offices where one must bring one’s blanket, Frosty Fruits and, lack thereof clothes.

Such is the life of a Melbourne Summer. You’ll have to forgive the thongs – thanks Havaianas. And did I mention I like coconuts?

On such nights where the temps drop to 25 degrees it’s nice to take a wander around the city.

After filling up on sushi train what better than to spend the night exploring alleyways leading into Chinatown and reminisce about how it reminds you of Asia, particularly Hong Kong.

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