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I enjoy delicious food, I mean, who doesn’t right?

After wandering around graffiti covered lanes, where better than to stop and enjoy some Spanish tapas and a glass or two of wine? Movida Bar de Tapas is a crowded little restaurant with small tables for mostly two or four or a dine at the bar experience. After hearing many people rave about this place, and having cravings that other food could not satisfy,  it did not disappoint.

At first it was the ‘Trucha’ a confit brook trout with beetroot and hazelnut, followed by the ‘Sopa’ a garlic soup with calamari, the ‘Bistec Tartar De Wagyu’ a spicy steak tatare of raw, grass-fed wagyu beef, the ‘Cordoniz Con Kikos’ a pan seared quail breast with quail sausage, jamon and toasted corn, the ‘Patata Brava’ a deep fried potato with spicy aioli and the ‘Cecina’ an air-dried wagyu with poached organic egg and truffle foam.

I have to say that the ‘Cecina’ was easily the winning dish of the night. The flavours in that dish were immensely rich but so amazing. I love how tapas allows you to try a large selection of different dishes and delectable flavours. Team that with great wine, spot on service, lovely ambience and atmosphere, it’s definitely a ‘must come back’ spot for me.

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